In a groundbreaking move, data analytic firm Arkham has recently launched its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the prestigious Binance Launchpad program. Drawing the attention of crypto enthusiasts worldwide, Project promises to be a game-changer, offering a free rendition of the renowned Nansen intelligence platform.

Prominent Chinese reporter, Colin Wu, took to Twitter to share in-depth insights into the captivating Binance IEO project, Arkham. According to Wu, data analysis platforms in the crypto space can be categorized into two groups: fully open media and packaged data services. ARKM falls into the latter category, providing predetermined definitions for queries. Still, fully available platforms, like Dune Analytics and Flipside, offer more user-defined parameters and support for additional public chains.

Wu noted that Arkham and Nansen support fewer chains than some competitors, with Arkham offering support for eight chains compared to Footprint’s 27. While Nansen boasts the most comprehensive features, including insights into Smart Money holdings, centralized and decentralized exchanges, and individual stablecoin inflows and outflows, Arkham excels in personal address and entity analysis. Its standout feature is the unique archive function, allowing users to view historical investment portfolios and graphs at specific points in time.

One notable difference between ARKM and its competitors is the absence of NFT data analysis support. However, Arkham stands out where other platforms typically follow paid membership models, limiting free features and offering varying payment plans. It aims to break the mold by integrating token economics into its platform, creating token consumption scenarios based on core data analysis functionalities.

Arkham’s Intel Exchange Empowers On-Chain Experts

Arkham’s pioneering approach revolves around its Intel Exchange platform, which connects on-chain data analysts with regular users. The platform allows experts to monetize their on-chain analysis skills, providing valuable information for trading purposes. On-chain detective ZachXBT is a shining example of free assistance driven by moral principles. However, such altruistic help is rare, making Arkham’s platform all the more vital for fostering an ecosystem where experts are rewarded for their knowledge.

Users can utilize ARKM tokens to pay data analysts for valuable information, and the platform allows buyers to offer rewards while sellers can participate in auctions. To ensure the platform’s sustainability, Arkham imposes a 2.5% maker fee for listing and auction payments and a 5% taker fee for reward payments and successful auction bids.

Vision For The Future

Arkham’s vision of token-integrated data analytics has the potential to reshape the crypto space by offering more accessible and fairer services. By providing free access to its intelligence platform, the firm seeks to empower a broader range of crypto investors, breaking the barriers posed by high pricing models adopted by its competitors.

As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, Arkham’s innovative approach promises democratizing data analytics, facilitating growth and nurturing a vibrant community of on-chain data analysts and crypto enthusiasts alike. With the ARKM now live on Binance Launchpad, the crypto world eagerly anticipates the platform’s impact on the industry and the opportunities it will unlock for all.


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