Ethereum to the Moon! Take a trip into the crypto world with expendable partner BitMex founder Arthur Hayes, who foretells an extraordinary rise for leading blockchain platform Ethereum.

This article explores Hayes remarkable projections of a veritable tidal wave, predicting the ETH price to rocket as high as $5,000. This news feature will delve into the insights of the ETH founder, its strategic gambit in various locations within that world, and what traces it may leave behind.

Ethereum’s Helm: Hayes Anticipates Significant Surge

BitMex founder Arthur Hayes has recently pivoted his focus toward Ethereum (ETH), unveiling a daring prediction for the cryptocurrency’s future. Hayes, renowned for his insightful market analyses, shared his optimism about ETH’s prospects on X (formerly Twitter), sparking excitement across the cryptocurrency community.

In a seemingly divine revelation during meditation, Hayes humorously claimed in the post he had received direction from the Lord, prompting significant adjustments to his cryptocurrency portfolio. Reportedly, Hayes liquidated his Solana holdings and augmented his ETH stake, envisioning a substantial spike propelling the cryptocurrency’s price to an impressive $5,000.

Expressing admiration for Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, Hayes referred to Buterin as an Archangel in his X post. The strategic shift from Solana to ETH aligns with Hayes’ market evaluation, supported by a chart shared in another X post.

Having accurately predicted Solana’s rise to $100, Hayes now believes ETH has the potential to outperform Solana, despite the latter’s recent 350% rally since mid-December. Urging the crypto community to “get down” on the digital asset, Hayes remains steadfast in his belief.

Meanwhile, Glassnode co-founders Jan Happel and Yann Allemann, collectively known as Negentropic on X, have set their sights on Ethereum’s next targets. According to Negentropic, the next target for ETH is $2,500, driven by market enthusiasm. They’ve also identified an ambitious target of $2,700, achievable through continuous upward momentum.

Negentropic highlighted a crucial support level at $2,100, initially a resistance level that has now become a key zone. Emphasizing that breaching this level might activate the 50-Day EMA, signifying potential market shifts, they provide valuable insights.

As of the latest update, ETH is trading at $2,307, marking a 1.30% increase in the past 24 hours. With a 19% surge in trading volume to $16,690,793,321 and a 1.31% rise in market capitalization to $277,454,559,883, the cryptocurrency community eagerly anticipates the outcome of Hayes’ bold prediction for Ethereum’s meteoric rise.


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