Renowned Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff has once again voiced his doubts about the long-term sustainability of cryptocurrency. Despite Bitcoin’s recent rally that propelled its market capitalization to an impressive $31,000, Schiff maintains a skeptical stance, suggesting that the current surge is temporary and that the party will soon end.

Schiff’s skepticism towards Bitcoin stems from his belief that the cryptocurrency lacks intrinsic value and is merely a speculative asset. As a staunch advocate for investing in precious metals like gold, he argues that gold provides a more stable and reliable store of value. He frequently emphasizes the historical significance and enduring value of gold, contrasting it with what he perceives as the volatility and unpredictability of BTC.

Taking to Twitter, Schiff expressed his doubts about the sustainability of the recent BTC rally, characterizing cryptocurrencies as the “lowest quality” assets. His comment reflects his longstanding skepticism toward BTC and other digital currencies.

Bitcoin Rally Amidst Uncertain Monetary Policy

Bitcoin’s surge in value coincided with US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s congressional testimony on monetary policy. Powell’s mention of the ongoing fight against inflation and the possibility of future rate hikes created uncertainty in the market. This prompted investors to explore alternative investment opportunities, including BTC.

Investors are increasingly optimistic about the prospects of increased institutional adoption and the potential approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF (exchange-traded fund) soon. Key players in the financial industry, such as BlackRock, Bitwise, and WisdomTree, have recently submitted applications for Bitcoin ETFs. The expectation of these advancements has bolstered positive sentiment and propelled upward momentum in the Bitcoin market.


Following its recent surge, Bitcoin has experienced a minor correction, currently at $30,763.69 on Tradingview. Nonetheless, it still maintains a remarkable 17% increase over the past seven days. Similarly, Ether (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has seen gains, approaching the $2,000 mark with a 3% rise.

As of writing, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite indexes experienced losses of 0.5% and 0.7%, respectively.

This contrast further underscores the divergence between cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets. Investors actively seek different opportunities and react to various factors, reflecting the evolving landscape of the investment world.


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