Excitement Mounts as Terra Classic (LUNC) Community Prepares for Imminent Launch of LUNC/USTC Swap Pair.

In an exciting development for the Terra Classic (LUNC) community, Terraform Labs has confirmed that the long-awaited LUNC/USTC swap pair is inching closer to reality. The official Twitter account of LUNCBurnArmy recently provided an update, stating that the earlier submitted Pull Request (PR) for the swap pair would be merged.

The next crucial steps involve thorough testing to ensure the functionality of the new feature. The Station release, which will bring the upgrade to life, is expected to be updated in the coming week. The end-to-end testing will ensure that every section of the swap pair operates seamlessly.

The anticipation for the LUNC/USTC trading pair has been building up for weeks, with the community eagerly awaiting its arrival on TerraSwap. The proposal for this pair was initially put forward last month alongside the submission of the Pull Request.

Merger Delayed But Terra Community Anticipates LUNC/USTC Swap Integration

The LUNCBurnArmy had previously confirmed that the PR was accepted by Terraform Labs. Their latest update indicates that they are now attempting to merge the PR, which will enable the swapping of LUNC/USTC on Station. The merger was expected to be completed yesterday, but the process took longer than anticipated. Nonetheless, the LUNC community members remain excited and eagerly anticipate the integration of the trading pair.

The collapse of LUNA and the algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) had a profound impact on the crypto industry. However, it also sparked hope among community members, showcasing new possibilities that are now being actively pursued.

In an effort to rebuild the LUNC protocol, a group of dedicated developers have stayed committed to the project, resulting in the birth of Terra Classic (LUNC). Since the collapse of LUNA, various attempts have been made to restore value to the protocol. The proposal for implementing the LUNC/USTC trading pair is one such initiative.

Additionally, a staking and burn campaign has been launched to reduce the number of LUNC tokens in circulation. These strategic initiatives aim to restore value to users and demonstrate the determination of the LUNA Classic community to revitalize the protocol.

As the merge of the LUNC/USTC swap pair draws near, excitement and optimism continue to grow within the Luna Classic community. With the successful implementation of this trading pair, users will gain access to enhanced liquidity and trading opportunities, marking another significant milestone for the Terra ecosystem.


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